Freezing Spell

5 November 2020

For people how are into Tarot Read and methaphysics, there are times when the energy is not where it should be. When that happens, most people will rely on spells and rituals to move energy and create positivity.

The freezing spell is one of the first spells I learn, and I often use to remedy negative activities. My verson of this spell is harmless but is effective. The reason I like it so much is that its one spell that you can find in both east and west. I've made changes to the spell by taking the metal element of wuxin and using it as a key to push the energy in the direction I want which is to drain and lock negative energy of a specific person.

If you happen to use a spell similar to mine but have candle magic, just know that a spell can be done multiple ways. There is no right and wrong. Some blend candle magic into it. Others simplify the process. I belong to the later group but I do piorities connection and intentions.

So who can you do this spell on?

This person has to have done harm to you; or their negative energy is harming you like a friend/college/family member because of that you no longer wish to be contact with them.

Use Case1:

Sometimes when you do a reading regarding love and relationships for clients. You may find that you are reading the energy of a past relationship that ended. The reason it happen is that person from that relationship their energy is still in the space with that person. Causing them problems getting a partner and entering a new relationship. The best way is to clear the space remove personal items and meaningful momentos. Then proceed to use the "freezing spell".

Use Case2:

This happens when you move into an apartment or maybe office desk with bad energy - heavy smorker / heavy drinker / destrutive behaviour etc. To remove their energy from harming you, applying the "freezing spell" is part of the standard proceedure of clearing a space.

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