Fear, Feeling trapped, Temptation

If anyone where to ask me what card gets the strongest reaction in reading. I would answer the Devil. This card seems very scary and negative. Yet I prefer this card appearence as it brings such a focus energy. Life happens and when bad things happen, we just need to find solutions. As always we will start with understanding and then move on to working the card.

Imagery - The Rider Waite Tarot Card

The card shows the devil as the ancient goat-god Dionysus (Pagan/Greek Mythology), sitting on an alter while watching over a male and female captive. This brings a more implasive energy and signs of over indulgence.

NOTE: Tarots cards symbolism may vary from deck to deck. In some decks, the devil will be sitting on a throne indicating more decisive energy. For best results and reading experience please read the booklet that comes with the deck to understand the interpretation of the illustrator.

How to interpret the Devil card if you are doing a general love reading:

In a situation that you are in a committed relationship, it represents an unhealthy over indulgence in the partner. This allows us to ask questions like if changes to improve the situation can happen or is it time to go different ways.

IF action can be done, it is a great time to explore the options available.

IF action can not be done to resolve the situation, it's time to explore the possibilities of the future. Take the time to compare the actions if taken and if not. Address it calmly and coordinately as you more and progress down the spread.

How to work&interpret the Devil card if it represent a person:

The energy of the Devil is of a person who is week will. This person is fun over indugent and likes to have a good time. Most of the time, it can indicate clashes in personality if it is a working relationship.

How to work&interpret the Devil card if you are doing a general work reading:

The Devil Tarot card represents greed amd indulgence. Emotionally you are need support and serious help. Other ways to interpret the card;

  1. The searching in the wrong direction because of ....,
  2. Making wrong career actions,
  3. Not getting promoted
  4. Overly confident, in the work environment
  5. Struggle to resist, causing proble

How to work&interpret the Devil card Reversed in a reading:

It represents breaking free. Depending on the question it maybe wise to understand the details of the situation as it may not be a clean break as the chains are still represented in the cards. A extra extension card may provide insights valuable to taking a stronger action.