Self-reflection, Solitude, Searching

If any one where to ask me what card is the most complex. I would answer the Hermit Tarot card in a heart beat. This card seems light and positive yet it has many hidden indicators that as Tarot Readers we need to be careful. So as always we will start with understanding and then move on to working the card.

Imagery - The Rider Waite Tarot Card

The Tarot card shows an old man, standing on a mountain peak, carrying a staff in one hand and a lit lantern containing a six-pointed star, the star of David in the other. In the background is a mountain range. The Hermit card imagery tells us a story about a journey, a long laboriousness one. Emotions felt from the card is loneliness and isolation, the road is long and unknown. The need to walk forward is driven by the heart and will power, many times this card will symbolism a self-discovery and soul-searching.

NOTE: Tarots cards symbolism may vary from deck to deck. In some decks, the hermit will not represent loneliness but inner wisdom. For best results and reading experience please read the booklet that comes with the deck to understand the interpretation of the Author&Artist.

How to interpret the Hermit Tarot card if you are doing a general love reading:

In a situation that you are in a committed relationship, it represents the disconnection between two people. This problem is best resolve with communication and consideration.

IF you are in rocky relationship, The Hermit Tarot card represent a problem in the relationship that is causing deep sadness and loneliness.

IF you are single , The Hermit Tarot card represents the process of searching for someone or if it is reversed it represents an unresolved relationship and to move forward needs to be resolved.

How to interpret the Hermit Tarot card if it represent a person:

The energy of the Hermit is of an older person who is wise and very persistence. This person is hardworking and committed once they make a decision but be careful as sometimes indecisiveness can caused delays. In some readings this can be said to be "older wiser man energy" but it can't be decisive explanation of the card as many younger men may have an older soul if you know what I mean.

How to interpret the Hermit Tarot card if you are doing a general work reading:

The Hermit traditionally means a solitary person. One who keeps to themselves, living in isolation and refusing to interact with others. The symbolic of a hermit shows a person who withdraws into a cave or monastery to meditate and prepare for ascension. In more modern times The Hermit Tarot card represents struggle and no support. Emotionally you are lacking inspiration, motivation and/or monetary gains. Other ways to interpret the card deepending on the question;

  1. The continuing searching of a job plan for longer term results not soon
  2. Struggle to improve a career or project or problem relationships
  3. Not getting promoted
  4. Emotional distance from the work environment
  5. In curtain situation like a daily pull or weekly reading. The hermit is a card that says we need to step back and reflex on our actions.

How to interpret the Hermit Tarot Card Reversed in a reading:

It represents a concealment of the truth. Depending on the question it may represent elements of loneliness, isolation, sadness and withdraw.

To understand the true meaning of the reserved Hermit card, the best action is to search for more information inside the spread for an accurate to the point answer. For confirmation on the answer, it's best select an extension card to clarify the situation.