How To: Be your Bestself with Oracle Cards

In the pass few years, self reading or the act of starting your day with a Tarot card pull has become very popular. It's one of those actions that grounds us and brings reflection to our action in a positive calming way. However, if you are a beginner,

  • struggling to read your daily pulls.
  • need to look up the meaning of a tarot card.
  • feeling more confuse after doing a reading than before.

I suggest you try incorperating Oracle Cards into your readings. Instead of relying solely on the Tarot for guidance. Here's my reason why,

1. Oracle Cards bring wisdom.

Oracle cards come with words of understanding from the Author of each Deck. Making it ideal for Beginners to Profession to learn and find guidance. I'm talking about people with forty years of experience in Tarot Reading giving you their interpretation of the cards directly.

So if you want to do quick easy daily pulls, find a Oracle Deck that speaks to you regarding the message on the cards and the theme.

  • IF you just gone through a break up, a healing oracle Deck might be the right match.
  • IF you want to connect with angles, an angle oracle Deck will be a good fit.
  • IF you want to work on your spirit, a light oracle Deck will bring you connection.

Still feeling confuse then go to a store. Touch the boxes. Talk to people at the store, you might find something special, something rare, something right.

For MEE, my current favorite oracle deck is,

'Art Oracles : creative & life inspiration from the great artists'.

It's a very well design deck, pulling Energy from pass/present successful artist. Each Card delivers three pieces of advice:

🧿 the first related to life (indicated by a swirl),

🖋️ the second to work (indicated by a pencil)

👁️ the third to inspiration (indicated by an eye).

The messages are very personal positive and witty. The image art is powerful. The over all theme of the deck is created for impact and motivation. I've been really enjoying the weekly work messages and find them to be quite insightful.

Other Oracle Decks I would recommend is Guardian Angle by Raleigh Valentine. This is a full 78 card deck that I used to open reading for friends family and for love&happiness Reading with clients.

2. Oracle Cards brings Powerful Energy.

I've mention that I use Oracle to start readings multiple times in many post. The reason I do this is the warm kind energy from oracle cards, allows clients to feel more comfortable to go straight to the point of their visit rather than skirting around their issues.

Life is complicated with many choices and turns on our journey. Sometimes we need direction. Talking to a friend may help. But friends however understanding they are, will have bias based on his/her values and interaction with your problem. I've seen this too many times to count when a person wants to get back with an ex-partner. Most of the time it is a stupid decision but occasionally it is the right decision. And that second chance does leads to love, marriage and happiness.

3. Oracle Cards Resonant.

This is where themes and imagery on Oracle Cards connect with you just like how you would connect with any themed Tarot deck. However the difference in the type of image you can find on the cards will range from angles, faries to pets and dophins.

The effect in person of selecting out the card and reading the message is very focus and strong. Creating deeper impressions. Sometimes the resonant can be so strong it can be as if angle/spirit guild is speaking to you in person. These types of reading usually happen at turning points in life regarding love or helping family. It's there to support and help you make the best decision and take action to resolve problems.

There are probably many other reasons you should be including Oracle Cards that I haven't mention. If you like to learn how I do may daily Oracle Pulls, Click the link Below.