How To: Find Love&Happiness with Tarot

Love is complicated. From my experince helping people find love. I dare to say that even faithed relationship between soulmates still require effort and communication.

  • What about you, are you happy in your relationship?
  • Is there any area you want to improve?

If you are looking, then your are at the right place. Tarot can save you time, energy and help you avoid problems when they are happening so you can find solutions.

So how can Tarot help you find&love and happiness?

The answer varies depending on where you are in regards to a relationship.

IF you are in the red, coming out of a negative relationship. Its best to clean the slate, you can't have past relationships hanging over you. That old worn out energy from the past prevents new people from arriving and connecting. Try deleting that bad energy. This will mean declutting, getting closure and cleansing your space.

IF you are in the stage of finding love. I suggest you find the opportunity to do a deep drive of actions you can take, to point you in the right direction. This will vary from people to people.

Let me tell you the story of two friends, both were referred to me by the same client, both came from the same group of friends and both came for a reading around the same month. Most importantly both gave permission to tell their story.

The first friend came in for a reading, she had been single for 6 years and was worried. The cards indicate that she would meet her soulmate soon. I remember the card vividly as the three cards were a classic textbook example of love symbols. There was 4 of wand, the devil and the lovers. A clear indication of marriage and love.

The advise the Tarot had for her was simple. All she need to do was be open and talk to men who wanted to talk to her. Just by being open, it will help her meet her future husband in six months.

Here's the kicker, she came back twice. The first time was around the six months mark, and she said she wasn't talking to anyone. Another six months goes by, and she comes back and said that I was spot on. She meet her partner at a conference seven months ago, but he was a slow mover. It took over a year after they met before they move from friends to a dating relationship.

The Other friend came for a focus love reading as well. She too, was concern about her love life as she was in her late twenties, and she hadn't been in a committed relationship before but was torn between going after a guy she like and a guy that liked her. Her love reading started with the hermit card and went down the multiple wand cards.

The advise the Tarot had for her was not to waste time with the nice guy that liked her. IF she wanted a

It wasn't what she wanted to hear. I was skeptical if I was going see her again.

It took years but eventually I did see this client again a couple of years later. She came back happy and asking MEE for a good day to get married.

Their story tells us that each of us have different journeys and destiny. Some meet love faster than others but it's okay. If you are still single I have a Reading just for you.