How To: Make Better Decisions with Tarot

I once heard an ex-facebook employee say Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire because he had been making the right decision everyday for over 10 years. It got MEE thinking.

  • How do you make a good decision?
  • Better yet can Tarot help you make better Decisions?

I can't talk on behalf of other people but here a few reasons why I trust the tarot,

1. Tarot is Neutral.

Our lives can be a long road with many choices, forks and turns. Some times we are just blind to the best option and tarot will point it out in a roundabout way. Talking to a friend may help. But your friend will have bias based on his/her values and interaction with your problem. I've seen this too many times to count when a person wants to get back with an ex-partner. Most of the time it is a stupid decision but occasionally it is the right decision. And that second chance leads to love, marriage and happiness.

2.Tarot is Understanding.

Don't ask me how Tarot works. Just except that it works, and there are signs that tell you to listen. The most commonly use is the Personal Card, this card when it appears will give confirmation and direction. Most importantly the tarot will make suggestions base on your personal value and financial situation.

This happen a couple of years ago but I remember the reading rather well. It was a heavy reading. This one client came in person because he wanted to go back to medical school.

He was currently studying his second year in physical therapy. His family own an establish medical practice with over 100 years of history. He was confused. In his mind he needed to spend two more years studying physical therapy before he could start medical school. It was a classic case of sunk cost psychology. The cards were very clear in giving him direction. The best action was to not study to be a doctor and finish his study as a physician join the family business.

At the end of that reading he saw his life much clearer and went with his dream of being a doctor opting to find physician to help out at the family business. It was a good choie to make. One that he probably would have over look if he did come in for a reading.

3.Tarot can see Luck.

There are many views on what the Tarot actually is telling us. Everyone's understanding is different depending on their experience.

However, all Tarot Readers will agree that Tarot can see luck. This makes it a very valuable tool to increase the chances of success in business and making life choices. I recommend my clients&friends. If you are going to start doing something new, or take an important action. Please do a reading. See if there is anything that can improve your chances of success. Or things you could prevent problems from happening so that you can catch a bad situation before it can cause damage.

4.Tarot is about Taking Action

There are many other types of reading like tea leaves, I-ching, scrying and many others. My personal problem with the act of fortune telling and physic reading As-Is, is that they just tell you the most probable future without a way for you to make changes to the part you don't like. Knowing the future has little to no benefits other than pure entertainment purposes. So to get more out of a reading, Professional Tarot Readers will ask questions directing the reading into positive and actionable results.

5.Tarot encourages Learning

We all make mistakes. The better of us don't make the same one twice. Tarot or should I say Oracle Reading specifically encourages the learning from mistakes and our past experiences. The Cards allow you to organize your thoughts ideas and intuition in a safe place with plenty of positivity so you can grow.

There are many other reasons to use the Tarot. If you are hesitant about Tarot Reading. I suggest you start at small decisions that have the random element of luck involved. Here's an example of how I use the tarot to fight FOMO (Fear of missing out) on a limited time offer.

PS : 3 weeks after there was a 40% off sale on the item I was thinking of buying in the reading. I was rather lucky I hesitated as they are no refunds for use product.