How To: Make a Vision Board and Really Activate Prosperity

As an energy expert, I get asked about vision boards quite often. The most frequently asked question is whether they work. My standard response is that they are a form of activation, like how one can do a Spell to attract wealth short term or to do Feng Shui for a more permanent effect.

Here are my advise on them: if you’re into them, make them.

If you’re not, that’s cool too.

Vision boards are not essential, but they are a very powerful tool.

The key feature of a vision board is it helps you clarify your goals and serves as a daily reminder of your goals. It also helps you tap into your energy and use that energy to develop — all essential steps in manifestation.

How to make a vision board

1. Write your goals

Before you make your vision board, I encourage you to take some time to step back and think about what you want to accomplish. Make a list of top goals. This helps you map out exactly what you want to put on your vision board.

The key with this step is to set short-term goals in all the areas of life that you want to focus on (e.g. business, personal growth, money, health, etc.). Focusing on what you want to call into your life in the next year or so is a good rule of thumb. Once you achieve those goals, you can just repeat this process and create a new vision board.

2. Connect the Energy with Images

Once you have your vision board defined, the next step is to find images or pictures that represent your goals. A great way to do this is digitally from Pinterest or Google Images. Print them out and create a beautiful wall low key vision board in your office. Or another convinent way is to put all your inspirational pictures together digitaly in canva or photoshop for a fantastic wallpaper vision board to personalised you computer — just like the one below.


3. Include Quotes and advise

This step is very important for those that choose to have a physical vision board. It is to put hand-written quotes onto the board or in frames to compliment the images. It is a subtle way to tap into you intuation creating activation.

For those that are like mee don't have a physical vision board, I have two alternative suggestions. Both of which I apply to my own space

  • Quote Wall paper for phone
  • Mentor Book stack

4. Date selection

You’ve got your images and motivational words and phrases ready. Now it’s time to get messy and put it all together. You can really do whatever you want here. But, for the sake of organization, I suggest grouping different sections of the vision board to focus on different areas of life.

So you can have your health goals in one corner, business goals in another, etc. You can, of course, create a digital vision board instead or create a private board on Pinterest where you save all your images. It’s up to you.

I personally prefer making an actual vision board. There is just something special and powerful about putting the vision board together with your hands. Then if you want to digitize it, simply snap a photo of it and set it as the wallpaper on your phone or computer so you constantly see it.

5. Activation with Action

Manifesting is not for the lazy. You can’t just put something on your vision board and expect for it to come to fruition by magic without any effort on your part. Yes, there’s lots of magic involved in the manifestation process, for sure. But, manifestation is a co-creation process, baby. You have to meet the universe halfway with your actions.

What exact actions you will need to take depends on what the goal or outcome is, but generally, the actions that feel good will always move you closer to your desire. The actions that don’t feel good or you’re doing it because you feel like you should or that’s how everyone else is doing it, likely won’t get you closer to your goal. Also, don’t wait until you have the entire plan mapped out because that will never happen. Just take the first step and the next one will reveal itself and so on.

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