Message For Baby Witches

26 March 2021


Thank you for visiting, if you are searching for magick and meaning of life I hope this list of advice helps.

  • Magick is a choice to take action. It starts with intent and the power in you. The tools are just extentions of connections. Learn the knowledge, experiment and then make you choices.
  • Curses, black magick and spells with negative vibrations are a choice you make. One I wouldn't choose. I also don't recommend as I've seen to many negative spirals. It is not worth it. But if you really want to then I respect your choices. Espeically since your actions have no connection or consequence to mee. Your Karma is your Karma, and what's mine is mine.
  • Remember that everything has it cost. I rather do small simple things that gives lucky pushes helping us walk forward faster our destine path. If you are interested in seeing my spells. Visit my digital grimoire.
  • You do not have to be Wiccan, or worship Deities to do Magic. So keep your religian and study it. You probably will be surprised when you do. Faith and destiny works in funny ways.
  • Magick never works without action. If you cast a spell to get more money, make sure to open a path for money to get to you like going to work. If you want new love, make sure to met new people.
  • If you don't want to share your spiritual journey. Then don't.
  • If you want to do dream work or astral work, start keeping a dream journal now.
  • If you want to do shadow work find a specific Tarot Deck for that use case. NOT all tarot are suited for shadow work.
  • If you read something in a book or on the internet. Don't trust it instantly. Test it. Check with your intuation. Then if you are still unsure; do a divination be it Tarot reading, tea leaf reading or Iching.

You Have A Question. Here is your Answer.

Will you Teach me how to be a witch ?

In all honesty, I don't think I'll be taking students until I'm in my sixties and have the experince to be a teacher.

I also don't think its important, as I have walk this path by reading books, visiting blogs and exploring. Truthfully, I consider myself in the still learning stage of my life. The information here on this website is mee sharing my perspective and understanding.

I was told I am cursed or bewitched?

Here's the step I'd take if you were my friend. Get a diviation from a reliable place. Do not use computer generate readings. Its best to do the reading in person. The questions you need to ask is

1. It true?

2. How do I solve it?

3. and will it be successful?

PS: If posible get a full reading that discover all areas of you life.

Can you do real love spells?

I don't do "real love" spells because,

1.For a love spells to work properly usually required you to do it in person and have interaction with both sides.

2. The ingrediants and process is a lot. I find that help matching people with their soulamates is much more rewarding and a lot less work.

Do you believe in Psychic and are you one?

I've met with people who have psychic properties. They are very few. From my experince I'd say about one in a couple tens of thosand. Most of time they are normal folk just like you and mee. They rarely if ever talk about their gift, what they see, feel or hear. Except if you are the same. Then you get talking.

So if you meet with someone claiming to be a psychic. You are probably meeting a scammer.