15 October 2020

Let me start by clearly stating that I’m not a morning person. If I could have lunch in bed everyday, I would do it. In fact that was how I lived during college. I was always late to morning class if I had them. Skipping breakfast, and always hungry.

However, after College I knew I had to get a Morning Routine that Work.


There is proven science that if you wake up early you tend to be more productive. Many successful CEOs also boast a very early routine that they contribute to success. Some even had books written about it.

After years of searching, I finally found my optimized Morning Routine. The results I've experince is getting more done, feeling happier and I will reluctantly admit a better sleeping experience.

So where do we start, here's some of the changes I made to make my life easier. I go to sleep at the hour of the Rat (Chinese Astrology Timing) which is around 11 PM as it allows me to benefit from the natural shifting of energy. I also tell myself I will wake up at seven in the morning in the hour of the Rabbit, so I can get Wood Energy from the East as I drink my morning coffee.

To explain it simply instead for those that use the western Horoscope is I am using the perfer time instead of matching myself to a person. So if you are an LEO you could try to sleep and the time of a complimentary sign like Aries or Libra. There is a book by Suzanne White call 'the new astrology'' that goes into the details how you can like the similaries of the signs and the animal in the chinese astrology which in terms allows you to go deeper into the energy system of the world.

Back to my morning routine,

After I get up, I take a show and get dress. It 's best to have a few outfits style in advance to save time. You don't really want to waste the hour or two you woke up early on things like trying on ten shirts and skirts. It's also a good idea to put things away before you go to bed and collect all the items you need for tomorrow in one place the night before so you don't waste your time searching for things when you could be doing something more important.


For MEE, it takes like 30 minutes for me to truly wake up after I have my cold brew coffee. I don't really eat breakfast but if you are hungry in the morning, try making some simple toast with fruit or cereal with yogurt. It tastes good, looks great for the gram and is a budget friendly way to have breakfast.

How do I know that?

I've tried it. I tried many things including cold showers, double alarm clocks, drinking water, drinking lemon joice& honey and the list goes on.

It took me around 2 years to perfect my morning routine.

Now, I do my daily offering, meditation, journal and then Morning Tarot Reading.

This balance morning routine makes me feel like a productive morning person. If you want to create your perfer morning routine. Try my Free Morning Routine workbook.

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