Digital Grimoire of Magic

Why spells work?

The answer is simple.

Spells work when there is CONNECTION.

If you look closely at spells, you'll see patterns.

It may be an element like fire, or power of a goddess of old.

There will be interactions, indication and vibrations.

Take a step forward and explore the laws of magic.

Here is a page from my book of spells, listing 5 laws of magic I use in my spell crafting process. It is avalible for you to download for personal use.

How to: make a spell

The starting point of making a spell is the intention.

Be it, protection, activation or creation.

Set the words.

Connect within the laws of magic, reference the works of old. Remember that spells today are derived from observations and practice of previous generations.

Their understanding, their intent and their energies.

Take inspiration from how they blend and harmonies the laws of magic.

Explore complexity, connection and layering of elements with intention.

Then write your spell. Trust you intuation, connect.

Example1:mee's Freezing Spell

Here is the break down of mee's variation of the classic freezing spell;

Intention To remove negative people without doing harm

Connection Color White & Black to water


Water to metal. Metal to water. Syncronisity.

Trapping removing negative energy. Knowledge.

Spell write with pen to paper. Words of Power.

Divination 8 of Coins

Results Very effective, got rid of spammer in 48 hours.

Example2:Gossip Stop Spell

Here is the break down of James Kambos's variation of the freezing spell;

Intention To stop gossip from spreading

Connection Color blue to water


Water to ice. Ice to water. Same but different. Syncronisity.

Trapping removing negative energy. Knowledge.

Spell to say out loud. Words of Power.

Divination the moon

The Final Important Step

It is to VALIDATE.

This can be done by any form of Divination, the suggested method is ofcourse is by using Tarot Reading.

Other methods include,

  • Tea leaf reading
  • Iching
  • Scrying

How to: Multiple Tarot?

A simple white love spell

Define you intentions