2 Card Spread

This is a spread that has many variations. It is best to explore and find one that works for you and use it regularly. Look at the symbolism and search for meaning in the cards for the best experience and results.

This is the spread for you if you are:

  • have problems you need to address and solve
  • feeling unhappy and require guidance
  • have a problem but you don't know what is really happening

How to do the 2 card Spread

Step1. Select 1 Card and say what it represents for example if you are doing the Head VS Heart, then the first card is your current head. You can be as specific or as general you want in asking the question.

Step2. Shuffle and/or cut your cards.

Step3. Select your second card to see what it tells you. My suggestion is to look at the movement, emotion, action you see.

Notes: If you are using this spread in daily pulls, it's best to write the name of the cards down in a Journal so you can fine tune your skills.

The other Type of 2 Card Spread the cross

This is 2 cards that are place one a cross the other making an X. This focus is to have actions you can do to the problem you have currently.

Step1. Ask your problem

Step2. Shuffle and/or cut your cards.

Step3. Select your first and then second card.