3 Card Spread

This is a spread that has many variations. It is best to explore and find one that works for you and use it regularly. Look at the symbolism and search for meaning in the cards for the best experience and results.

This is the spread for you if you are:

  • have problems you need to address and solve
  • feeling unhappy and require guidance
  • have a problem but you don't know what is really happening

How to do the 3 card Spread

Step1. Select 1 Card and say what it represents for example if you are doing the focus/result/resolve, then the first card is the focus.

Step2. Take the time to let your intuition work out the focus from the card. It is usually represented in the symbol on the card. And write down your conclusion in your journal.

Step3. Select your second and write the card down. Used your intuition to understand the results. Look for information on how the second card interacts with your first card.

Step4. Select your third and last card. Look at the first emotion on the card if it is happy or not. An unhappy card usually retains to an unhappy situation but to conclude the card it is up to how you interpret the card meaning.


  • Tarot reading is a tool used to understand actions, events and problems. It would be great if it could tell you the winning number on the lottery or solve your problems magically but it isn't how tarot work. However, tarot can help guild you through difficult situations and avoid pitfalls.

  • If you are doing a full reading, with multiple questions and a particular card keeps appearing, then the spread itself maybe broken. When this happens, the readings are void. This is caused by energy of a particular problem and question that is unresolved. Please address and resolve it first before proceeding forward.

  • For MEE, I use the 3 card spread to understand complicated situations. Three cards represent the whole story as is read like you are reading a 3-page book.