4 Card Spread

There are many four cards spread design to connect better, explore deeper and to kindle our intuation. It is best to explore the spreads and find one that connect, here a few of mee's most use format.

How to do the 4 card Pyramid Spread

Step1. Ask about the situation / Problem

Step2. Shuffle and/or cut your cards.

Step3. Select 4 cards and then place the first three left to right. Then put the 4th card at the top forming a pyramid.

Step4. Look at the three cards as a slow progress of the future from currect to very far a head. The last card is the conclusion that tells us if the results is good or not. For best results look at the interation between the cards for connection.

Notes: Symbols have power and the Pyramid is a very strong nurturing energy that usually enhance the experince.

Aother Type of 4 Card Tarot Spread the mirror spread

This spread is a great way to connect with you intuition. It is a grounding and reflecting spread.

Step1. Ask your problem

Step2. Shuffle and/or cut your cards.

Step3. Select your 4 card and place them with the first two cards in a roll to the left and then the next to card in a row to the right.

Card1&2. The things I am doing great and should continue doing?
Card3&4. The things I should improve or resolve?

Aother Type of 4 Card Spread the Prisum

This is the spread you do when you find your self in a sad complicate place. Or if you want an action plan on what to do next.

Step1. Ask your problem, pour your issues out loudly.

Step2. Shuffle and/or cut your cards.

Step3. Select your 4 card.

Card1. The situation
Card2. The advise, what can I do?
Card3. The warning, what to look out for?
Card4. What I should do?