Closure Spread

All good things come to an end

This is a spread I design many moons ago. It uses one of the most impactful symbol which is the inverted triangle. The expected effect from using this spread is to provide us with a deep understanding of the situation and provide closure.

This is the spread for you if you are:

  • thinking about your ex-partner

  • feeling depress and want to ask for a break up

  • trouble by an event or person

How to do the Closure Spread

Step1. Step1. Select 3 cards to understand the situation. Each card is part of the story and the interaction between the symbols tells you what you need to know.

First Card: This card represents how you feel in this relationship or may be something you are focusing on.

Second Card: This Card helps you understand what was currently happening or is currently happening.

Third Card: This card represents how your ex-partner or the person you are asking is feel in this relationship or may be is troubled by this issue.

Step2. It takes two to tangle. Each person in the relationship contributes to the situation. So draw one card for each person involved. One for you and one for your partner. This spread works best for lovers but can be use in the general sense.

Step3. Next is the last card and it represents why the situation is ending or ended. This is your closure so you can heal and move on. It's all the answers you need. The tarot always speaks the truth, it's honest and straight forward.

However, if you do not feel that the card is unclear, or hard to understand. You can draw another card to explain why it had to end. Be specific in this step and ask aloud. Words have power and give you clarity.


  • This is not a spread for beginners as the interaction of the first three cards is rather complex and requires good intuition to understand.

  • The correct name of this spread is Two People Closure spread so it should not be used to resolve problems between three or more people as it will not be able to defined and conclude the situation as clearly.

  • Sometimes the cards will not answer the last question if key information is not received. This will caused you to feel block and unsure. Please take your time to reshuffle the cards before selecting the last card.