How to: Make Oracle Cards&Tarot Cards

5 April 2021


Making Tarot cards and Oracle cards can be interesting and very satisfying. But,

  • How do you get started?
  • What steps should you take in designing Tarot?

I can't talk on behalf of other people but here the steps I take to design my printable Oracle Cards,

1. The number of cards

Usually oracle cards will come in 22 cards or 52cards. It is a number link to the major arcana and minor arcana. I usually try to keep my oracle cards to 22 which think is ideal for daily pulls.

2.The theme and intent

Here is the next step in Oracle and Tarot Design. To define and use symblosim to communicate information. The fail of the cards usually happen in this part. Its use full to have a mayp out master plan and key word. I have an airtable spread cheat that allows to me to reference quotes, keywords and information in a complete quick way.

3.Design the cards

This is the hardest and most time consuming part of making Tarot cards and oracle Cards. I usally get premade vectors and art work just to save on time here are the list of free places I use

  1. - They make design printables super easy, just drag and drop.
  2. - They have a solid selection of public domain vectors.
  3. - They have really great vintage looking vectors. (The fonts &lables are not free)
  4. - They have solid well design fonts.

4. Start designing

After you selected the words and message, find the keywords. Its time to start making the cards. For mee as I mainly focus o printables and like my cards small. I try to keep the cards fitted all into one page if I can.

Below I have a small list of 1$ Printable Oracle deck that I design for creative people seeking affirmation to activate their full potiential.