How long is a Tarot Reading?

It depends on how many questions you have and type of questions ask. A focus full reading with 3 areas of focus can usually take from 10 Minutes/per focus to an hour/per focus depending on the clarity of Energy and number of questions.

What kind of questions should I ask?

Any type of question can be answered. We do suggest that for the best tarot experience it's best to focus on understanding the situation first and then taking action. For more details check our blog post 'What to ask your tarot reader?'.

When can I get another reading if I just had a Reading?

It depends on the situation. If action has been taken after the last Reading then you can have a Reading any time; if not the suggested guild line is 15 days or until a new moon phase, the exception to the recommendation is IF the questions you are asking are not related to the previous Reading then ANY TIME is a good time to have a Reading.

For information check out our blog so you can select a spread you would like in your Reading.