Full Focus Reading


Let MEE give clarity on 3 focus areas of your life. For best results, we suggest making a list of 20 questions you have with pen&paper.

All questions are welcome.

Examples questions:

  • School - Should I go back to School? Will I graduate on time this year? What are my strengths that I have to focus on? Why?

  • Love - Is my boyfriend Cheating on me? Will he change? Does he love me? Is our relationship healthy? Why?

  • Money - How can I pay out my ex-business partner? How can I get new clients? Is it possible to find success this year? What next?


  1. Select Reading and Checkout.
  2. Completing checkout process, takes you to Our Reading Details Area where you can give us your 20 questions and information (Required).
  3. Please allow 36 hours for delivery.
  4. Readings are delivered direct to your inbox via youtube unlist video from information provided at Our Reading Details Area along with side questions.
  5. Open your inbox and get an easy-to-understand Reading that you can refer back any time.

MEE's Note: Tarot is a tool use for understanding and clarity, so we can move forward faster. The future is forever changing as our actions shape and change our future.

Disclaimer: If you are in the USA, Canada and All Europe countries, All Readings are for entertainment purposes only and are no substitute for therapy, legal, financial, or wellness advice.