New Year Thoughts 2021

6 January 2021

Happy New Year everyone!!

Firstly I want to say thank you for all the kind comments and positive connection.

I am not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions, but I do make yearly goals and weekly actions, so I thought I would share my blog and life plans for the coming year.

So, here is what you can expect from MEE ...

1. Getting personal

Blogs are a personal space on the internet, I think I should share more. Give. So expect to see 'Thoughts on' post more!

2. The same content... but more dept!

Although Tarot reading has been my main focus, I would like to share many other divination methods. I plan to start a Podcast with 6 episodes for season1. The plan is to cover tarot cards, oracle cards, palm reading, face reading, I-ching reading and Feng Shui. The time frame I hope to finish this project is before May.

3. Consistent post

So here is MEE getting personal, I am a very messy person who has a plan to be organized I have like 1000+ post in notejoy (my note taking app of choice...) that are un-edit so are unpublished. These are post that come direct from my brain. The goal of the year is to optimize my new improved productivity system. The expected result is less work, more rest and a new hobby. The goals metric are

- I hope to put out one blog post per month.

- I propagate 3-5 plants per month and put them in the shop.

- I do 2 Instagram post per week

4. Blind Men informing Another

I like reading informative blog post and see people thoughts&experince. I find that sometimes I shy away from voicing my ideas. Just because one bad experience. It's time to let go and be more direct with my thoughts especially when people politely ask for help. I also hope to share thoughts on spells I use personally, spiritual herb and food practice and living life. Benebell Wen manages to do this on her blog post well and I respect her for sharing information in one place. My journey has been different and I draw lines dividing the east and west metha-phicsic. If you are interested on my thoughts on Feng Shui, Bazi and energy reading check out my Medium Blog.

5.Positive Vibes

Although I try to be positive, I am still starting out on my blogging YouTuber journey and negative comments do get to MEE. I am glad now that I have three approach to negative, if it is spam delete and report, if it is hurtful delete&freeze and if it is mean just let it manifest to the writer.

Taking a moment to reflect. I am thankful to The Tarot for telling MEE to start my website and youtube Chanel at the right time, three months before Covid-19 started to spread in China. And here at the end of this blog post is advise for anyone who owns a business. Change is here. Come online, have a Facebook page, a youtube Chanel and a website. Adapt like a duck with web feet and a large beak. You can do it, don't ever wait!