Change, Instant, Complication

If anyone where to ask me what card is challeging to read, the Tower card is always a candidate. It represents sudden change, crisis and destruction. Then there are the hidden positive meaning in the cards like Liberation, Reinvention and Destiny. There is also the symbol, the lightning bolt makes this card feels like a bad luck omen. To be honest, it sort of is right the Tower can mean really bad luck and then there are other times that it can mean a simple complication that is in our mind. All of it depends on the question.

Imagery - The Rider Waite Tarot Card

The card shows a burning tower being struck by lightning or fire from the sky, its top section dislodged and crumbling. Two men are depicted in freefall against a field of multicolored balls. This brings a strong impact to the reading and is best address in a more proactive style.

NOTE: Tarots cards symbolism may vary from deck to deck. In some decks, the tower will be represent with a burn down tree which refers to another mythology. For best results and reading experience please read the booklet that comes with the deck to understand the interpretation of the illustrator.

How to interpret the Tower card if you are doing a general love reading:

In a situation that you are in a committed relationship, it represents an changing point. The relationship from this point forward will never be the same, in some situations it can represent the ending or the beginning of a relationship deeping on the spread selected.

IF action can be found, or taken fast enough. It will help cusion the sitution.

IF action can not be done, you have a no choice but to react, to control the damange. Its best to do a deep spread to understand possible out come and ways to get best results.

How to work&interpret the Devil card if it represent a person:

The energy of the Towe card is very strong, aggressive and implusive. This card is one card I always do an extra extension card to clarify what is hidden.

How to work&interpret the Tower card if you are doing a general work reading:

The Tower Tarot card represents sudden unforseen change. We don't know if it is a good thing or bad thing as there are many views on this card, I'll share my most commonly use explaination of this card;

  1. The strong resistant to change ....,
  2. Making an implusive action,
  3. Strong negative emotions like anger,
  4. Less control of the situation as man can not resist god
  5. Struggle to resist,

How to work&interpret the Tower card Reversed in a reading:

It represents losses, Volatiles situation and possible illness. Depending on the question it maybe wise to react quickly less the choice and chance is taken away. This is one card when present in a one card spread, requires MEE to draw out two more cards to give context of the whole sitatuion and explain more of the details in a reading.